Saturday, March 15, 2008

the brightest comet

this band is actually active right now, but who gives a shit. one of the great, overlooked bands of the mid to late 90s emo / indie boom was ribbon fix. they produced several records, all of them well worth tracking down. once they split up, vocalists andi camp and mark allen rodgers went off in different, and enjoyable directions (rodgers is currently in whiskeycore country boys, the devil's own). andi camp though can now be found in the brightest comet, which sounds like ribbon fix reborn, which will surely warm the hearts of many old bastards who yearn for the good old days. there are three songs on the myspace site, and they are all utterly, heartbreakingly beautiful. check them out.


if you're the kind of dork who can't get enough of non-produced, obscure female fronted emo from 1995, then you are going to love this one. pennikurvers play 3 songs, very much in the spirit of bands such as crash & brittany. the 7" is on dieselhead records too (home of the much under-rated cambria, who none of the mp3mos ever name drop). curiously enough, this band features bobby from honeywell, which is not going to be your first thought upon hearing it. anyway, there are three songs on this. two of them are shorter and fill side a, they are daredevil and halo. it's all gently swaying guitars and soft vocals, clearly recorded on a boombox in someones garage after an evergreen show. well, not quite. recorded on 8 track using half inch tape in april and may 1995. things occasionally up the volume, but not too often. flip the single for autumn in february (emo), and one long song that fills 7 inches on 33rpm. it kicks in with nice repetitious guitars, and distant distorted vocals that are barely audible. around two minutes, emily's vocals join in. the repeating guitars and the vocals get louder and louder, building up to the end, when it just squeals out into feedback and guitar tones. emo. i miss this kind of shit - no production, simple structures and melody... always effective but no bands are interested in sounding like this any more, partly because bands are too obsessed with having good production, and partly because about 4 people would buy their record, the kids into this sound only want the authentic real deal from back when they were 5 years old.

basically if you like the idea of a female fronted evergreen then you ought to try and find this 7". but good luck, you'll damn well need it. it's taken me years.

for now, you can download the 3 songs right here: