Saturday, April 23, 2011

the warren commission - what the rain doesn't know

so here's a band who in the whole late 90s scheme of things merited barely a mention. yet i still hear the odd band today that i feel like comparing to them, which is nice. additionally, whilst the warren commission were lost amidst a sea of similar post-hardcore / indiemo bands at the time of their existence, if they came out now, i would be waxing lyrically about them, as it's the kind of shit that makes obscuremo tick. male+female vocals, pretty guitars, a little promise ring bounce and requisite sadness. if you ever wish you could have more bands that sounded like the promise ring, jejune, ribbon fix and pohgoh, and you haven't heard the warren commission, then you should download this right now. this cd came out on a label called unity power. they also had at least one other record, a 7" which is either lost in the depths of my record collection or long since sold to some other kid when in a rash fit of record purging after i got burned out on indiemo for a couple of years.

they have a myspace page.

you can buy this album and the 7" from here.

sad fact: if you google this album name, you get 7 hits.

download this here.