Friday, June 28, 2013

sea of cortez

some minor obscuremo band that gained minor notoriety with 4 people by being on the same label as ambassador 990 and then that label got sick of emo and the sea of cortez lp disappeared forever. at least, that's how i remember it, it was a long time ago and my mind is clouded. here's a song off some comp cd called "libations unlimited: pheonix 97-99". this is a cool song either way.

uranium 9 volt

what was this band doing on lookout?

made for tv movie

i know some of you like the words that go with the music, but i really have no clue why i even have this cd. i always loved this song though. if you like chune / hum, then this is well up in your zone.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


i know very little about gregor, so i suppose that makes them a fine candidate for this blog. they featured people from current, they released a 2 song 7" (shaolin temple / grafitti fist), and a demo that contained two of the songs on the 7" and two other tracks. the music sounds like calm, with a little of the slow ordination of aaron stuff mixed in. really, really good. here's a song.