Saturday, September 30, 2006

lonely broken radio

fine choice of band name right there, it tells you everything you need to know - i.e. these guys are emo bastards. they released a solitary 7", featuring 2 songs recorded in may '96, on chrysanthemum records (more emo bastardry out of san francisco.

hey, i am dragging this bit out as that's about as much information as i have on the band. there is no insert and i have stumbled across little useful information in web searching. however, this 7" delivers an absolute killer song in 'bigger miracles', a free falling, slow burning effort that nudges aside the more theatrical elements of indian summer and borrows a touch more from slint, barring the vocals. it builds up into a massive roar in mid-song before dying down and twinkling out of sight at the end.

i am fairly certain that this band in fact involves at least one character from indian summer, although i have no real evidence for this. search for them on google, you won't find shit.

download: Lonely Broken Radio - Bigger Miracles mp3


  1. i searched for them on google and found someone who had the 7". and now i have the 7" as well. it's very excellent, very whispery and nice repetitive guitar lines.

    thanks for learning me of them

  2. From what I remember, the guitarist/vocalist was also in Trigger Quintet. Mike something or other. I could be remembering incorrectly though. I actually don't like this 7" at all. I don't think it's nearly as good as a lot of the other stuff that came out during this time.

  3. Yeah, this was the band that Mike Nogroski from Trigger Quintet/Bucketfull/Desert Jet Set sang & played guitar in when he briefly lived in San Francisco.