Friday, February 19, 2010

crash and britany - kids luv you lp

this blog had lain dormant for a while, but i suspect that the world did not grind to a halt or organised protests insisting upon its return. i have not felt like writing much at all recently, even reviews of new stuff, but on some internet back water someone asked if anyone had the crash & britany lp (kids luv you) available for download and i did, so i figured i'd do the decent thing and stick it up on obscuremo. i am kind of surprised that this lp is not out there and easily findable on some other blog but i didn't search to thoroughly and i felt like writing a piece about this lp as i really enjoy it. it's not an album i dig out too often, but when i do, it's always worth while. i first heard this record at a friends house several years ago. pretty much the second i got home i was on the internet, trying to hunt it down. i succeeded, not sure how much it cost but it was in some second hand store so not much. i think in the same haul i got the goddamn richard & the one eyed liars lp, and a candyland car crash shirt. not bad! that shirt is now riddled with holes and can only be worn in bed.

anyway, this lp is a good un. if you are downloading this, you probably know what you're getting. crash & britany was out from the west coast of the united states and played some airy, shoegazemo. basically it's all swirly guitars, live recordings, ham-fisted production, occasionally off key girl vocals, and great grooves. lazy shits like me would lump them in with ribbon fix and pot valiant, although ribbon fix were perhaps a bit more straight forward. to that extent c&b were pretty unique, which is a huge part of their appeal. it's miserable, drawn out indie rock that sometimes gets loud and galloping. and listening to this right now i realised that football, etc sort of sound a bit like this. grass widow also have one song on their first 12" that is pretty emo and makes me think of some stuff on here. i guarantee you no-one else ever will suggest that though.

c&b had a 7" featuring one song off here and one other. it is good. get it. they are also on the in memory of jason comp, which is kind of a mediocre comp with amazing bands on it. it's worth picking up though if you see it for cheap.

you can find the band on myspace :

you can watch this video of a song not on the lp here :

(i love the style of this vid, great song too)

singer kelly slusher has made solo music, i heard a cd, it was quite nice -

oh yeah, you want to download this here :


  1. Please update more often I love almost everything posted

  2. sorry, but i am already pretty busy with a label, distro and collective zine!!

  3. Fantastic shit as always. I'm mumbling the beginning of Marshall Tucker to myself all day thanks to your blog, and I love almost everything else I've heard so far and I'm sure I'll love anything else you post.

  4. i found a download for their Self Titled 7" here:

    i found it on this blog: