Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the brighest comet II

so i was just scrolling through a bunch of old posts on here, and there was a deleted comet made by "andi camp" on a man i fell in love with post. that was odd, i thought. i clicked on it, and it took me to a blog with 2 posts made in 2013, but it definitely was by andi camp who was in ribbon fix, and things. i wondered what andi had wanted to say about man i fell in love with, and then what had prompted her to delete it. and then i wondered about the brightest comet. there was one video on youtube already, winter time, so i uploaded "three".

and then i uploaded "perfect"

and here's "girth" that i found online

hopefully andi is still out there making music.


  1. oh man, i think i remember reading that comment, but i don't remember what it was :(

  2. how many brightest comet songs got recorded bytheways? is there anyway of getting a download somewhere? :)