Sunday, October 28, 2007

manneqvin hand

now here's a highly obscure band that have elements that fall under the emo bracket. and others that don't. the 7" was the first release on shakefork records. the label itself is intriguing as the sound of the early releases such as this formed the basis for the sound of the later, and far better known, releases from bands such as gauge, friction and cap'n jazz. i can't really give you much info about manneqvin hand, but this single features two tracks. "the other side" is a fun blend of east-bay pop punk and rites of spring style emo. the verses are fast and simple with shouty vocals, before it breaks down into the rumbling, chunky chorus that owes a debt to revolution summer. toss the single over for 'black day (JOW)', which opens with a chuggy edgemo sound reminiscent of early still life or the current lp. it's not my favourite style of emo to be honest, but given that this single came out in 1990, it's a very interesting example of protomo as it handily pre-dates many other bands that went on to "popularise" this particular sound.

the band also featured on a 4 way split 7" on shakefork ("no punks in the pit") but i am not aware of any other releases, nor have i heard this comp.

anyways, here's the 7" until the link expires :

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