Monday, November 19, 2007


that's torn it, i've gone and written about a band that isn't even that emo. well, kind of. i guess if the promise ring is emo then anklebiter sort of can sneak in there too. this is rough, tuneful indie rock that comes in between the wedding present and archers of loaf. short-ish songs, repetitious guitars that jangle and buzz, shouty off-key vocals and pretty much all the elements of noisier indie rock that get me excited. anklebiter also produced a quality full length lp that is perhaps even better realised than the 7" here. the best song is the final track "dynamic ribbon device", which builds up through the non-existent production and fizzes to the finale. love it.

this 7" is on vinfiz and plow records, and probably quite cheap if you ever find it, i doubt many people want it these days, which is kind of sad. this is a great style of music that is completely neglected.

members of anklebiter now parade in the slightly mediocre beat buttons (although the demo songs up there sound superior to their previous cd). i'd point you in the direction of watson (ex-clairmel) if you want to hear a modern band taking up the mantle.

here is the 7" until the link expires:

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