Friday, May 08, 2009

stupid acting smart

i stole this demo tape of utterly obscure scottishmo from my long lost buddy, steven j carlin. he kept telling me how great this band was, and finally he played me the tape. he was right. so i took it. it was done with the express intent and purpose of making some f- ripz to release into the general population at large, which was sort of done, but probably still no-one is listening to this band so here i am, exposing them to 9 more people. i suppose i could post the tape back to him but he kept promising me he was going to visit norwich and i could give it to him in person. so i will continue to use this tape as a bargaining chip to try and get him down here...

anyway, i am not sure when this dates from, i seem to have written down 1994, but that seems unlikely, listening to it. the music is sweet indiemo that fits easily with bands such as ribbon fix, rainer maria, jejune, pohgoh and samuel, so i would suggest it is more likely to be 96 / 97. i believe they were pre-stapleton too, but that could also be a mistaken idea from a drunken evening at some gig in glasgow with the man carlin. the music is exceptionally accomplished for a demo of a band that probably played 4 gigs and split up without anyone giving a shit. stupid acting smart do the melancholy jangle on these 6 songs, trading male and female vocals as required. the music is gentle but persuasive, the tunes are good, and if you are as smitten by this kind of music as i am then you can't help but fall in love.

go listen and see what i mean. if you are the kind of dork who gets all excited about indiemo bands from 15 years ago that nobody cares about, then i think you'll be rather happy.


  1. 2001 or so! love ya alwayz, paco x


    From Gameface show, why did I put it on at the Note Club!? Anyways, good times.

  3. I offered to put this out on vinyl in 2001 but they never sent me a DAT/CDr copy. I'm sure I have the cassette somewhere still. Le Sigh.