Thursday, April 23, 2009


one of the weirdest splits i ever bought was the jerome's dream / july split. on one side, jerome's dream do their brutally obnoxious, vacuum cleaner emo violence, on the other, we have the most absurdly and crushingly beautiful bit of acousticmo ever committed to vinyl. one long long song of immense twinkling and soft, soft vocals that gradually build to breaking point. basically, if you like the ultra miserable hated shit then this will have you throwing yourself off the nearest bridge in no time flat. it is unfeasibly gorgeous. the fact that nobody has ever unearthed any other recordings by this band is probably the most criminal event in historymo. for serious. on the july insert it says "july = gabe + herb". they were from apex, north carolina. it also says "thanks to everyone who is nice", which is pretty much the most echoable sentiment of all times. check this out, and please stand clear of the sharp objects, and lock up your gun and / or medicine cabinet. click the band name at the top for the link to the song.


  1. i love this song. looks like they also had a demo:

  2. i thought that was the case. never saw it around at the time though.

  3. I have the CD rip if you guys want it if you can tell me anything about these guys

    1. i can't really tell you anything but feel free to post a link to the rip ;-)