Sunday, April 19, 2009

my favorite citizen

pesky kids have been throwing stones at my window for months, pestering me... "mr. malcolm, mr. malcolm! sort us out that my favorite citizen 7", go on mr. malcolm", and i open the window yell at them to get off my lawn, then close the curtains and wander off.

so finally, here it is. a two song 7" that appears to have been recorded in 1996 / 1997. it's kinda weird, but twelve years on there is all of a sudden a massive interest in reviving the classic midwestmo sound of yore. out of nowhere, boys want to play twinkly, poppy fun songs again, hopefully they are all wearing chequered shirts and buddy holly glasses but to be honest i am not spending my days looking at pictures of these guys, there are just so many of the buggers and i don't want to get a reputation. isntead, i am posting this long lost classic of the midwestmo genre for the folk who are currently getting excited about fun new bands such as piroutte and by surprise, as i am pretty sure they will swoon as much to my favorite citizen (i keep wanting to type mid carson july, who were nowhere near as good as these cats, but did have some good songs) as i did way back when. you can read my original thoughts on the band in this here review:

and most of those thoughts do still ring true. it is a gloriously boyish clash of promise ring and get up kidsian wonder. there is so much bounce on perforated heart that these guys were actually in danger of asphyxiation as they reached the upper levels of the stratosphere. i think the flip side, 'trans hudson' may actually be the better of the songs. it is unfeasibly cute. cute as a button! you will go all squishy as the guitars jangle and roll, and gawky, uncertain emo boys squeak and whine. hee! it's a marvellous thing.

mfc also had an excellent song "kayla learns to dance" on the ill fated emo diaries series. edition #2 in fact, the only one you need to be honest. you can read more and hear more at the mfc myspace. at some point a couple of years ago, a discography cd was suggested but this never came to fruition sadly. go and post desperate appeals in their myspace comments or something. i am sure the persistent voices of 100 obsessed mp3mos will push them over the edge.

anyway, here you go. two songs from a band that should have garnered a whole lot more attention than they did at the time. i hope you like this just as much as me...

(apparently the tags are screwed in itunes, but figure it out for yourself, techno wiz)

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