Monday, April 20, 2009


emo blogs with rips of obscure recrods are two a pennikurver these days, so i am still surprised when i can flick through my vinyl and see a record which i don't think anyone bothered to write about yet. cambria knocked out this 3 song 7" on the mighty dieselhead way back when in the 90s. dhr003 to be specific. they also have an lp, and i should probably give that the same treatment too but it's way easier to bash out a quickfire dump of a great seven inch. i believe the songs are superior to the album anyway, which is a little more one paced, less melodic and more straight forward.

this seven kicks off with an intense ripper in a style not far off mainspring or chino horde. full on crybaby vocals and punishing power are present on 'it could be for me', a dynamite song that it is about time a few more people got to hear. immediately following is 'more likely than others' which contrasts supremely. it eases off the sobbing but oh man alive oh man alive that guitar with the distant, plaintive vocals that my terrible desriptions can't really do justice to. from the utterly spellbinding twinkly intro to the final note, this type of music, just simple, repetetive, melodic guitar meandering in a truly melancholy fashion... i love it, barely a band in the world would contemplate doing something like this these days, which is supremely disappointing. 'woke up late' finishes up this seven with a spiralling, spacey three minute intstrumental straight out of the shoegazemo school. i am not the worlds greatest fan of instrumental music but it's very nice.

cambria - finally, some still gives a shit about you. go get some.


  1. thanks. more likely than others is one of the best emo songs i've heard

  2. Just picked this up for $0.50 because I remember liking the LP I had (and regrettably sold) of theirs. Do you know which year this came out, I'm assuming before the LP.

  3. great great post! more info on dieselhead records releases if possible please : )