Wednesday, April 22, 2009

seventh story

poor old system 2600. they shared a split 7" with city of caterpillar. and then with seventh story. i expect most people only played one side of the former, and nobody has the latter.

seventh story play two songs on this here single. opener "grouper" is melodic, moody emo in the vein of stuff like the lazarus plot. it twinkles into earshot with some van pelt guitars and drifting female vocals. you get two and half minutes of this stuff, and it's a bit good. "in stepping up" is a little poppier, hinting at stuff like pohgoh. you get a lovely thick, evergreen-esque bass sound that wanders up and down delightfully. the main guitar twinkles over the top of it. further through the song they get a bit more loud and excitable, and the vocals more desperate. i would say that this is some good stuff.

the music was recorded in 2000, i can't remember when this came out, but i think it was around the same time as that city of caterpillar / system 2600 split, as i got them both at the same time. the label is sea of dead pirates, from gainesville. i know absolutely nothing else about this band, so feel free to fill me in if you are an expert.

the inlay suggests they also have a 4 song cd. please hook me up if you have this. i'll be your best friend.

you can find two songs here.

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