Monday, September 07, 2009

necktie party - demo

i pretty much stopped listening to screamy stuff these days but i am going to go through my collection of cds and upload some of the obscurer bits that i have lying around, maybe i'll still be into it, maybe not... anyway, here's the starter.

i was pretty sure that all necktie party had released was a split 7" with the plot to blow up the eiffel tower. i was wrong. i found this cdr in a box of random demos and things with card / fabric sleeves, a box i have lying around full of junk from the early 21st century that i haven't listened to in eons. i have no idea where this demo came from. i am pretty certain that the only reason i have this is because i was one of like 16 people who ever gave a shit about the band. any ways, this 10 song demo blazes past in 23 minutes and features some ace, chaotic wildness. in 2001, everyone was in a screamo band, but necktie party is not some generic orchid rip off. these guys definitely have the wild san diego thing going on, playing intense yet melodic hardcore. the vocals are screamed or desperate, with two guys going at it. things fly past in a whirl of thrashed guitars and there is barely enough time for them to roll around on the floor. i just spazzed the fuck out to track 6, that one will make you lose your shit for sure. i think the songs off the split seven are here, but this stuff sounds fresh to my ears so i guess i've forgotten which ones they are. i don't have a track listing.

like my original review says, elements of saetia, mohinder and republic of freedom fighters are all to be found in this. the whole thing would have made a shit hot 10" and i think people would still probably name drop this band if it had ever came out.

the demo was recorded by rumsey and trosper from unwound in december 2001. sweet.

grab this if you like it fast and sweaty. i think you will be seriously impressed.

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  1. Shit...I remember seeing this band a couple times in Santa Cruz. Crazy. I still have a tshirt I bought from them but I lost my copy of the demo. Thanks for posting this. Fucking awesome.