Tuesday, September 08, 2009

the watercolour

i knew i had a treat for you somewhere. the watercolour was this band that was pre-racebannon (!!). they had a song on a comp 7" that a few of you may know. it is gorgeous. this 6 track covers that song, and a few others. again, i have no track listing. i can't remember who burned this for me, or why they did it. i guess it was some guy from the band who appreciated that someone was still interested in his shitty indie rock band from the mid 90s. hopefully a few of you will be too after you check this out.

from the get go, you know what's going on here - the opening 100 seconds bounces through a catchy tune with raspy vocals and midwestmo riffs. an amalgamation of cap'n jazz and ordination of aaron, just like you were looking for. the second song is the one from the comp and the one that you will fall in love with. a flying poppy number that is pure promise ring / cap'n jazz / boys kissing boys. such a catchy effort with twinkles and pretty bits and everything. this is the midwestmo you're looking for (recommend for people who raise an eyebrow at algernon cadwallader) "ONE BY ONE YOU LET YOURSELVES DOWN!". this one seems to be a poorer quality recording than the other tracks. i have no idea why. anyway, the other songs don't quite live up to these, with an instrumental stuck in the middle that is easily skippable. track 4 is nice and twinkly but again instrumental, would love to have heard this one with vocals. fortunately they remember how to sing as song 5 comes bouncing back in the fashion you require. It gets a bit more mid 90s in the middle, more frenzied and OoA style before a rather fantastic drop out part, well judged and well played. i miss that kind of thing. eventually it stumbles back into earshot but never brings the vocals back sadly, crashing over the finish line in a crumpled heap around the 6 minute mark. things are brought to a satisfactory close with a poppy effort again, would have fit nicely on a split seven with a song off the promise ring demo (which i am gonna post next even though you already have it, i love that shit).

be emo here.


  1. Glad you put this up buuuuut...it won't let me change the tags for some reason...they always revert back to how they were. :c

  2. actually, it's probably something on my end, i'm not sure. either way, what am i expecting you to do, come fix it? lol, disregard that comment unless you know why it's doing that.

  3. haha, i do work in IT but i have no idea what would cause that problem...

  4. Is there any actual track titles for the songs? All I have on my download is "Track 1, Track 2 etc."

    Album artwork?

  5. i don't think it ever was formally released, and i don't have any of that. a guy in the band sent me a cdr labelled "watercolour" and that was it. one of the tracks was on a comp 7" but i am unable to confirm which or the song title for you at this moment.

  6. American Worries is so brilliant

    Joe C