Friday, May 15, 2015

the interstate ten

here's a band that had slipped my mind, until my good friend j.b. pointed out one of their songs was on youtube. a cursory scan through my mp3mo collection indicated i had both albums in the easily uploadable format. what joy! i've owned "Silverlakecreekbelowforestprimevil" for some time. it's an under-rated slice of emo on wrenched records. would hazard a guess that whoever ran that label still has 100 copies under their bed. it's not the most consistent of records but there are some prime obscuremo cuts on there that you need to have heard. i also appear to have a self titled album, which discogs indicates is a year older. i flicked through a couple of songs and they were not something i recalled, and not particularly great either.

this, "black die no. 5", however, is superb. totally, utterly, superb. the kind of band you wish would suddenly pop up again but probably never will. drifty, dreamy, waltzy, melancholy, thoughtful, delightful, yet with that little bit of heft and drive that stops it from being inconsequential fluff. pretty much my ideal music.

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  1. can you upload the files you have from them, I knew them back in the day and lost the cd i had. really nice guys