Friday, June 05, 2015

the fauves

how about a bit of obscuremo to ease you into the weekend. i won't write a whole bunch of junk because there is some info here from someone who knows what they are talking about. i picked up a split 7" they did with herr k quite some time ago, and never tracked down anything else by them. turns out they did a 6 song album (downloadable at the previous link). scanning over the rest of the album, there's nothing on it as good as the song coming up, or the song on the split 7", but hey, maybe you want to check it out.


  1. I know this blog is inactive, but do you by any chance have stuff from an early 00s band named First Aid Kit? Pretty sure they were a US band doing the jangly, frantic emo stuff. Obviously googling them is impossible so I figured here would be the best place to ask.

  2. it's not inactive, i just haven't had anything to post :) that band names doesn't ring a bell though i'm afraid.

  3. Ah okay. Thanks anyways. It's one of those bands I haven't heard in about 12-15 years and remember them being good but have no way of proving myself wrong or right. Brazilia was another one if those but I finally found their CD on Amazon for 99 cents and shipping ha.